Bunk Ladders for RV’s

Bunk ladders are internal RV ladders that are commonly used as bunk access ladders inside the RV. These are typically manufactured from mild aluminum and can either be made from square or round tubing and RV bunk ladders are finished in bare aluminum or in a variety of powder-coated colors to match the interior of the RV. RV bunk ladders are secured to the tops of bunk beds using hooks or locks for a positive attachment to the bunk bed to prevent the ladder from falling over when the vehicle is in motion and RV ladder can also be used as access ladders for storage areas or storage boxes that are located on the roof of the recreational vehicle. RV bunk ladders can also be trimmed to fit a variety of bunk bed heights and come with padded feet and rubber treads on the steps for comfort and to prevent slipping.

Types of RV Bunk Ladders

bunk laddersRV bunk ladders come with padded steps for bare feet climbing to the topmost bunk and prevent an inadvertent fall from a loose footing and slipping from the RV bunk ladder steps. RV ladders come in a wide variety of electro-powder coated finishes including polished or brushed aluminum and comes with hooks or locking attachments to the top of the bunk to prevent it from falling over when the recreational vehicle is in motion. Some RV bunk ladders are designed to hang from the top of the bunk bed to avoid damaging the floor of the RV from drilling mounting holes in the floor to secure an RV bunk ladder. There are also RV bunk ladders that are made with ropes and are built exclusively for kids, these bunk ladders are made from rubber-coated square or round aluminum tubing with high-strength ropes to secure the steps. All RV bunk ladders come with rubber foot pads to prevent damage to the floor if a floor-secured RV ladder is used.

There are also multi-purpose telescoping RV bunk ladders that are very versatile and convenient to carry on RV’s on long travels. The telescoping RV ladders can extend to reach the roof heights of most RV’s and can be adjusted for any height in between. Telescoping RV bunk ladders can be used both inside and outside the RV and can be collapsed for easy storage inside the RV.

An RV bunk ladder is designed to be light and unobtrusive but still able to support the full weight of a fully grown adult. An RV ladder is equipped with hooks or locking extrusions and multiple bunk bed attaching points to fully secure itself to the top of the bunk bed for security with a majority of the designs equipped with padded rubber steps or treads to prevent slipping accidents. Some RV bunk ladder designs employ a ladder docking system where the RV bunk ladder is locked by clicking it into place on a mounting plate installed on the top of the bunk bed. An RV bunk ladder can also be had with rubber sleeves on the sidebars to provide a constant and secure grip when climbing or descending the ladder and prevent accidents from falling by not having a secure grip on the ladder.

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