RV Plumbing Parts For Beginners

How RV Plumbing Parts Works?

RV life is undoubtedly the most exciting way of living your life. You get a chance to meet new people, visit new places and spend time outdoors. However, as a traveler and being someone having a large vehicle to handle comes with a number of challenges. You need to know how to manage power consumption, maintenance, and repairs. You also have to be prepared for emergencies. 

One of the measures that you should certainly take is to develop your understanding of the water and related plumbing systems of your RV. This will help you figure out any plumbing issue, get access to the right type of plumbing parts and troubleshoot any RV plumbing issues. 

How Does the RV Plumbing System Work?

The RV plumbing system is easy to understand. You do have a water tank for the supply of clean water throughout your rig. You can use that water in your kitchen and bathroom whenever you need it. The water supply is assisted through a water pump and the water tank is usually located under the rig chassis. The dirty water is usually collected in tanks called grey or black water tanks. This water requires proper disposal. 

When you run out of fresh water in the tanks, you can refill using a water hose by connecting it to your water source. You can also use a portable water jug for this purpose that you will have to carry along.

Now, everything that is directly or indirectly associated with your RV water system is a part of your plumbing system. It could be a hose, a plumbing tool, a sealant to avoid leakage or a major part such as a faucet or shower.

RV Plumbing Parts

Most Common Plumbing Parts in RV 

Some of the most common plumbing includes but are not limited to;

  • Your RV bathroom and shower accessories including fixtures such as shower, bathtubs camper faucets, and fittings
  • Your camper kitchen plumbing accessories such as kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, plumbing pipes, etc.
  • Your camper toilets and toilet accessories
  • Camper water heaters, water heater parts, and water pumps 
  • Kitchen sink plumbing kit
  • Holding tanks
  • Holding tank chemicals.

RV Plumbing Parts

Your RV plumbing parts and fitting depend on what model of RV you have, its setup style, and size. However, most of the parts are just the same as what you have in your home. But because weight is a huge concern in RV, these plumbing parts are mostly made up of PVC rather than metal. Therefore, whenever you need a replacement in your RV,  make sure you find an authentic RV parts shop and purchase plumbing parts specifically designed for RVs.

Choosing Plumbing Parts Online

If you have to choose a plumbing part online, make sure you;

  • Find a reliable buying source. Read the customer reviews.
  • To get something long-lasting and hassle-free, prefer branded products such as Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Faucet by Dura or Vinyl Upgrade Shower Kit White by American Brass.  They may apparently be expensive but come with quality and save you from the hassle of repair and maintenance repeatedly.
  • Also, if you are not an expert in case any plumbing issue happens, contact a professional.

We have plumbing parts available online from almost all the top RV brands. You name it and we have it. 


It is essential to understand the basics of the RV plumbing system if you are a full-time RVer. This will help you make your life more easy and comfortable during your trips. From major fixtures and accessories to small tools and apparatus, make sure you find quality items to save time and money in the long run.

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Complete Your Sink With An RV Sink Strainer!

Always keep in mind the idea of completing the sink with an RV sink strainer. This is often added with lift stopper, strainer basket, including garbage disposal type of flange. It is just perfect to use for a standardized kitchen sink. Plus, it is ideal to complete a double sink. Nevertheless, it is sometimes not compatibly used for marble sink or fireclay sink. Some options are made up of solid brass material. Among the things included are a drain, strainer basket, stopper, disposer flange, and more. It can fit a standard kitchen sink sometimes one-and-a-half-inch thick. It is finished as well with a unique finishing material.

RV Sink – Part of Good RV Plumbing

An RV sink strainer is essentially a part of good RV plumbing. Once a less solid type of material goes through the sink, it then drains a lot better because of a good sink strainer. Choose one that features an airstream that is the same as the typical sink stopper and strainer. It will sit down in the drain having exterior walls that touch the drain walls. (more…)

Install Quality and Flexible RV Faucet Connector

When you need an RV faucet connector, it is always a good thing to know that you could install quality and flexible choices. It should, however, fall in the right size of fitting. It may seem a wiser decision to order one to be replaced on the old connector that is leaking. It will also be good if it comes with no issues at all.

As suggested by many RVers, the installation of an RV faucet connector will include the use of Teflon tape. This will avoid leaks even if it comes along with the rubber rings. There is no need to worry about the price as it is for sure incredibly lower as compared to others. (more…)

Guide to Buying a Small RV Bathroom Sink

Benefits to buying a Small RV Bathroom Sink

When you sit all day in the office, it will only negatively affect your health in ways that you know. That is when RV traveling is considered the best way to increase your level of happiness and regain your energy.

It is just that it will require some more planning. But, many people still turn to RVs for a more thrilling and more enjoyable road trip experience. RVs can indeed take you from deserted beaches to mountain peaks just within the comfort of your vehicle. The best thing about it all is that it can take you to your own bathroom.

Do not worry if you cannot afford to have a new RV with a bathroom. This bathroom is something that can add a little refreshment. You will choose a brand new small RV bathroom sink that you can have as you roll down the road.

A bathroom sink is needed upon going on a road trip. You knew all along the importance of brushing your teeth and washing your hands. The sink will give you as well a place to do tasks that are distinct from the kitchen. This will also ultimately lead to good hygiene. (more…)

Set The Right RV Plumbing Parts Valves!

RV plumbing is more about the control of gas, water, and all other things inside the RV. In your goal to control the water, it’s when you will need valves. There’s more that goes into choosing and manufacturing the right valve for a certain occasion. If the toilet is overflowing, you will need to bend down and give it a turn to its handle.

There are so far many ways that valves are used for RV plumbing. Choosing the right valve will require more research on a specific application. That also includes the assistance of a professional or a manufacturer.

rv plumbing

Fix RV Plumbing Parts Valves Set Incorrectly

If the water coming out of the hot water faucet is just hot for seconds but is later cold, you will now need to do something about it. The first thing to do is to get hot water at a faucet. The controls must be working. Never replace the other parts or module board of the water heater. The issue here is not the lack of hot water. The task will involve getting it throughout the faucet.

The problem is that the hot water and cold water valves and the bypass valve are set incorrectly. You will need to take a closer look at the rear part of the water heater. This will be done by the removal of a panel right in the RV interior. You will also need to see the back and the side of the RV water heater. This is not done as well by just dropping the door outside on the water heater.

Seeing the cold water line connected at the right-hand corner of the heater, the water here goes in and out at the top. In the water, lines are the three combinations of water valves. They need to be set up properly.

Turn the handle on the bottom and top valves upon seeing three valves. This way, they will be in line with a water line. This will open the valve while the water continues to flow through the water heater. The valve connecting the waterline and running between the bottom and topwater lines also needs to be closed. This is closed just when the handle is turned across the waterline. The time that the valve is open is when you winterize the RV. When you just leave it open, a path is then created for the water to flow without reaching the water heater.

Now if the RV plumbing parts valves are set incorrectly, you may think as well why you still get hot water from the faucet. Even if the water does not circulate in the entirety of the water heater, there is enough heat connected through the waterline. The goal here is to heat the water in the line while a brief rush is allowed at the faucet. This is also even before the supply was exhausted.

You now know the roles of RV plumbing parts valves and a few things to do when fixing them up!