Tie-down for Truck Campers

A truck camper tie-down can be classified as either a frame-mounted truck tie-down or a bed-mounted truck tie-down. These two common types are what is typically used to securely anchor a camper to a truck bed.

Bed Mounted Truck Camper Tie Down

A bed-mounted truck camper tie down is typically used to anchor lightweight truck campers to a vehicle and it uses a metal plate bolted or clamped to the truck bed where the truck camper tie-down is attached to be able to connect with the camper’s mounting points. A bed-mounted tie-down is limited only for use on trucks with thicker skins and is best avoided on thinner-skinned modern trucks. Due to the thinner skins of modern trucks, a bed-mounted truck camper tie down results in cracking or tearing damage to the truck bed if a lightweight truck camper is not used.

truck camper tie downsFrame Mounted Truck Camper Tie Down

A frame-mounted tie-down uses two bars that are placed under the vehicle bed and are connected to the vehicle frame using a clamping or bolting system. The camper is secured to the truck using a chain or turnbuckle to solidly attach the camper to the vehicle to prevent any shifting of the camper when the vehicle is moving, and clips are used on the rear frame or bumper of the truck, with its chain or turnbuckle system to secure the rear of the camper to firmly anchor it in place on the truck bed. Another method of anchoring the front of a camper is to use a square tube tie-down that attaches to the front outer surface of a vehicle’s frame and the rear is anchored to another square tube that is secured to the rear hitch receiver of a vehicle. Small square tubes are then slid into the frame-mounted tie-down and are secured by a retaining pin to firmly anchor a camper into place on the truck bed. Using a frame-mounted truck tie-down is more suitable and safer for anchoring the more modern and heavier campers. (more…)