Know the Different Types of Trailer Hitch Couplers

Choosing the right types of trailer hitch couplers can really be a challenge. This is because of the many different types of hitches that can be found on the market. But actually, the type of trailer and the type of vehicle you will tow will determine the type of hitch coupler you will need.

As per the main function of the trailer, the trailer hitch coupler is to secure the trailer exactly to the ball mount. Understand as well that all couplers have their mechanism locking the ball mount to the tongue.

In towing a trailer, it requires following a balancing act. This necessarily needs proper planning and a bit of driver skill. There is a need to determine several factors when choosing a coupler and a hitch.

Firstly, weigh the trailer so that you measure the tongue weight and the gross trailer weight. These are two specific measurements that allow you to determine the right option for secure and safe towing.

Secondly, consider in mind the towing capacity. This basically refers to the total amount of weight that a vehicle can tow in such a conventional mode. Weight distributing is about a trailer equipped with spring bars distributing the weight between the rear and front axles. More importantly, you need to know the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle.

trailer hitch coupler

Ball mounts, couplers, and trailer hitches couplers are under the classification of the amount of weight they are known to withstand. Before knowing about the hitch coupler options, it pays to know to determine the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight. Look up to the vehicle’s towing capacity before finally choosing a trailer hitch coupler.

Below are the types of trailer hitch couplers that you might want to ever consider.

Channel/Straight Tongue Style. This coupler has a square-sized tubular mounting sleeve or tongue that can be mounted or bolted to the trailer.

A-frame. This solid and stamped steel coupler is intended for heavier loads.

Fold-away straight tongue. This is somehow the same as the channel style only that it can be moved to about 180 degrees.

trailer hitch couplerA-frame. This is a solid stamped steel coupler that can be used for heavy loads.

Flat mount couplers. This features a flat mounting face that can be welded and bolted.

Lunette Ring. This is a steel ring used to conjunct with the pintle eye hitch. This is also basically utilized for heavy trailers.

Gooseneck. This is sized up as a long tubular shaft coupler. This can be used as well in conjunction with the gooseneck hitch. This is basically used on horse trailers or heavy trailers.

When it comes to choosing a channel coupler, keep in mind matching it to the same tongue size. Know what really it is you are looking for. Consider in mind the installation and price. After that, you’ll surely be on towing in no time.

So, what else are you waiting for? Feel free to consider having what you exactly need in types of trailer hitch couplers! Buy them as they are offered at affordable prices!

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