Horse Trailer Cover Canada: Tips to Take Care Of Your Trailer

If you do not make your horse trailer safe, the results can be disastrous. A horse may obtain serious injuries if it goes through the ramp or floor. Also, if the vehicle is parked with a horse trailer cover Canada, the animal can face a risk of death in case of a mechanical failure. Moreover, an out of control horse trailer can do a lot of damage, risking the lives of everyone inside as well as its surroundings.

Check these things if you own a horse trailer:


The right pressure of tires on a trailer is essential to outfit stability. Therefore, check them with a pressure gauge when cold before each trip. An electric tire pump plugged into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle makes the job easier.

Do not use an inner tube in the wheels of a trailer, as they deflate easily when punctured. Make sure the replacement tires come with a proper weight rating.

Ramps And Floors

While aluminum floors are considered to be more resistant to deterioration compared to wood, you still need to inspect and clean them. This is because they can also be damaged and may corrode brought on by the kicking of the horses.

Get your floor replaced by professionals. Horses can put extreme pressure on it, so you must use the right materials must, including a horse trailer cover Canada. Make sure your trailer comes with rubber matting as it helps absorb impact and spread the load.

Oil the latches and hinges. Inspect the ramps for rot and damage. When they begin to flex more often, it is better to replace them. In addition, check floors every few months by lifting the rubber matting.

Trailer Lights

All the lights of your trailer must be working properly and clean. It is important that the rear number plate of your horse trailer has illumination. It should also have white lights in the front area.

Always inspect the indicators individually considering that the hazard lights are typically on a separate circuit. This means that hazard light may work when indicators are not. Also, the faults are able to make the opposite trailer indicators gleam.

Towballs And Hitches

Grease the tow balls before using them. Modern trailers generally come with wear indicators found in the hitches. They work by warning tow ball wear. You may have your tow balls measured by a trailer dealer or in a caravan.

Worn tow balls are likely to increase hitch wear, leading to your trailer breaking free. Wash out grease that is dirty from the trailer hitch cup after every three months. Apply clean grease in the moving parts and cup when dry.

Make use of a grease gun to inject it about every 3000 miles into the drawbar housing behind every hitch. You can find trailers that come with a nipple below on the lever pivot that attaches the brake cables to the drawbar end.


It is important to take care of your horse trailer. Use the necessary materials to help maintain its good condition such as using a horse trailer cover.

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