Know More About An RV Refrigerator

When you buy an RV, you give yourself access to several household appliances throughout the camping adventures. You can then place an RV refrigerator right inside the RV to keep the food cold.

While no appliances such as refrigerators can last forever, it will surely need replacement or repair. That is when you must learn more about it to help you when you need to replace or repair the unit.

Understand that an RV fridge has the zero moving parts. It also uses hydrogen gas, ammonia, and water that will maintain the cold temperatures. That way, the food is kept as fresh as possible.

What powers it up is when it already is connected to a generator or a shore power. The heating element provided is needed to operate the RV refrigerator. Also, an open flame brought about by propane can keep it up and still running.

Types of RV Refrigerator

Recreational vehicles would often feature 1 or 2 refrigerator types, or 2-way or 3-way. As per the 2-way type of refrigerator, it gives you an option to run it with the use of an LP gas or an AC power. While the 3-way type of refrigerator, it uses the sources of power as mentioned. It can as well be run by a DC power sourced from the house batteries.

There are also already more residential-type and electric-type refrigerators installed in recreational vehicles. They also can be installed by users like you. Nevertheless, you need to understand that the internal components and compressors of the refrigerators can further be damaged due to travel. These refrigerators can offer better cooling and better storage capacity.

Sizes of RV Refrigerator

If you will replace an RV refrigerator, you will need to keep the size in mind. The majority of household refrigerators could range between eighteen and twenty-one cubic feet. The typical refrigerator falls between four and twelve cubic feet.

Other than measuring the interior of the refrigerator, the size of the exterior is also something you would want to know. This will require measuring the space of the appliance that it must fit into. Measure it a few times to end up with accurate measurements. That is when you will get the best fit possible.

The Lifespan of RV Refrigerator

An average RV refrigerator lasts between fifteen and twenty years. The lifespan will as well depend much on a few things. If you bought a used refrigerator, it will only give you just fewer years of using it. But with a refurbished one, it will give more life than the one from a camper. It will still not last that long as compared to a brand new one. Better yet, choose one that will depend on the length of time you want it to last. It will also consider how much you would want to spend.

Another factor to consider is the way you would take good care of the refrigerator. Know that it is simple to maintain it. If you fail to follow the basic care instructions, it might just result in premature death.

As you keep all this information in mind, you now can be ready to buy the RV refrigerator to place inside the RV!

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