Lengthen the Life of your RV Air Conditioner with RV Air Conditioner Covers Canada

Air conditioner repairs and parts are expensive. If you have no roof-only or full RV covers, it is best to find the right rooftop air conditioner on your trailer or motorhome. Good thing, we have the best covers that can fit all sizes and brands of RV air conditioning units. These are constructed with heavy-duty material for the protection against moisture and durability. You also best protect your RV air conditioner from UV rays and airborne contaminants. Thus, your RV air conditioner could last for even years.

Best Time to Cover the RV Air Conditioner

Your RV air conditioner unit is designed to withstand the winter season or extreme conditions. But, of course, you need to use a cover to maintain it. This will save the AC from extreme weather. This means to say snowy winter and all even more. If you are living in the northern states of Canada or the US, you need to use this cover. If your area is prone to blizzards, hail storm or other unpredictable winter calamities, you would prefer using an AC cover.

Keep in mind that there are some risks when choosing to cover an RV outdoor unit. Pest and rodent infestation, growth of mildew and mold, seepage of moisture that causes an AC to rust, and dirt settling over time could be sucking when used. It is not recommended to use a cover all winter long. This might only bring risks. Your unit does not also need protection. It is best to save and install it as the rough patches are coming.

Considerations When Buying

RV air conditioner covers Canada can help preserve the air conditioner for the hot season. That is why you could purchase a cover that ensures safety and durability. There are some factors to consider that will help make a wise purchase decision.

Easy to Install

When you go buy a RV air conditioner covers Canada, you need to look for installation instructions. As much as possible, review them before you decide.


It is recommended to use a cover that can save your AC from cold winter disasters. Make it sure that it is waterproof. It must also never allow water to seep and settle into the air conditioner. This will help keep the mold, moisture, and mildew away.



When it comes to durability, the warranty of the cover speaks all by itself. Your choice of cover will need to have a warranty period. This should state it being durable for a minimum time. One that lasts for a minimum of 2 years is said to be a good warranty.


Insulation is essential when it comes to window units. Considering the region you would live in, you would need an insulated cover that can keep the cold away. Check more of the RV air conditioner covers Canada we have with this feature.

Porous and Aerated

While you will find an intact cover, it should also be well-aerated. It must have enough porous material enabling the air to flow in and out. It will help keep any stench that might occur.

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