Make the Most of Teardrop Trailer Covers Canada

Why do you need teardrop trailer covers? Your trailer has a big role in giving the whole family lots of enjoyment and togetherness, helping to minimize the overall cost of vacations. However, studies have discovered that owners only use their recreational vehicles for about 26 days a year. That leaves more than three hundred days that they do not even use their RVs each year.

So, while your trailer is not being used, you should protect it. Insects, sun, wind, and many others can all have a big impact on how long your teardrop trailer will last. While you already check tire pressure, get oil changes, and so on, you may ignore this kind of protection.

Take into consideration certain elements before buying a cover for your trailer:


Look for teardrop trailer covers for your RV. Keep in mind that the cover for a motorhome is different from a camper.


The right cover size will fit perfectly over your trailer. Measure the teardrop first before buying a corresponding cover. Getting a bigger cover than the size of the trailer will likely be loose.


Base the material you choose for your trailer on your climate location. Think about where you will store your trailer. Some covers are designed for snow, while others are meant for dust.

There are two main ways a teardrop trailer cover can protect your rig:

  • It is used to keep the rodents and bugs out.
  • The main cause of the loss of value is UV degradation. It ruins everything, which includes a faded paint job. The trailer paint protects the plastic and metal underneath. Therefore, if the paint is compromised, the underlying surfaces can get damaged too. Due to UV exposure, fiberglass oxidizes too, as with rubber.

Also, you need to focus on the material your teardrop trailer covers is made from. Find a durable material that will resist rips, water, and tears. The important thing to look for is a moisture proof material. Avoid materials that may encourage mold or mildew growth, or allow water to seep through. You also need a breathable material so that the air underneath does not become too stagnant. Quality trailer covers will have the right balance with ease.

RV trailer covers are typically made from polyester or polypropylene. For extra protection, different techniques of tripling-of-the-layers are utilized over the roof. The materials are treated with UV repellant or water. These enable the fabrics to breathe, allowing moisture to evaporate and do not trap mildew as it gets caught under the cover.

High-end custom RV teardrop covers are able to provide a tighter fit. They also come with vents to prevent flowing. When it comes to teardrop trailer covers Canada, they must be secured in place. Moreover, you can find covers that have zips, allowing access to the door.

The better the quality the cover has, the lighter it will be. This will make it easier to handle. While custom covers are more costly, they offer better protection compared to universal fit covers.

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