Make your RV Awning with RV Awning Frame Parts

Traveling with the entire family in your RV is indeed a fun and exciting experience. It also provides a complete bonding experience. You also are able to spend more time with friends. What more, it enables you to enjoy your trip just in the comforts of your home.

Make your trip an enjoyable experience by making it sure that you have completed the RV awning frame parts. This is because of the fact that these certain arts can protect you from the rain, sun, and all other forces of nature. This is specifically true when you will need to rest at an RV or camping site.

As you decide to make your RV awning, consider all essential things needed such as measuring tape, pencil, silicone glue, RV awning frame parts, self-adhesive Velcro, tarp, needle and thread, and scissors.

The very first thing you need to do is to measure the RV’s height. It should be done from the bottom up to the top of the RV. Make it sure that the awning is small in its size as compared to the height of RV. This enables you to fold and then secure the awning. Measure exactly how far from the RV your awning should reach.

Secondly, you need to choose a tarp including RV awning frame parts. There are so many camping stores and home improvement stores that sell standardized awning frames including RV awning frame parts. Include a tarp and awning frame that falls within your RV’s measurements. Buy a tarp material that is quite bigger than the awning size. This will allow the tarp to be attached to the frame.

As you have laid out the tarp properly, make it sure that it is perfectly on the flat on the floor. From each corner of the tarp, measure 2 inches using a measuring tape.  Make use of a pencil that can trace a line and mark the 2 inches from every corner of the tarp.

Cut along the line you have measured. You should be careful not to cut through the edge of the tarp. Cut only up to the lines marked by the pencil. This will create 2 slits at every corner.

And then, measure 2 inches of Velcro. Cut 8 strips of Velcro which should be 2 strips for every corner of the tarp. Stitch the Velcro strips as they should be in proper place. As you separate them, stitch one side of the Velcro to the other side of the slit. It should be right in the corner of the tarp.

Stitch the Velcro mate on the other side of the slit. You need to repeat this in each corner of the trap. Make it sure that you stitch the Velcro strips right below the side of the tarp. This is where exactly the tarp is attached right through the RV awning frame parts.

The next thing to do is to stitch the corners. It’s where you have cut ended in every corner. Make use of the needle thread for you to sew 4 or 5 stitches right through the edge of the flap. Do this for each of the four corners. When you already have stitched each corner, you can now apply silicone glue above the stitching. Apply the glue using your finger. This will help reinforce complete stitching. Let the tarp dry over the night.

Attach the tarp to the awning frame. When the tarp gets dry, install the RV awning to the RV awning frame parts. Wrap the corners of each side of the RV awning. Loop the corners surrounding the awning bars. Attach the Velcro mates in every corner. Lastly, make sure that every corner is secure. The tarp should be kept tight and taught.

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