Mount The Camper On Your Pickup Truck With The Truck Camper Tie Downs

If it will be your first time to go truck camping, it can be quite challenging mounting the camper on your pickup truck. The good thing is that truck camper tie downs are useful as they perform a job that you expect the most from it. Never let this difficult task go along the way of enjoying the outdoors. Just remember that the pickup truck will enable you to go places where motor homes could not. That is when you need to mount the camper and finally go out there.

Mount the Camper by Following These Steps

  • Raise the camper until it already is four to six inches above the bed of the pickup truck. Make sure that you raise the front. Bring the rear up until it already is leveled. Raise the rear end causing the camper to finally tip over. This is because it is heavier right through the front.
  • Back up the truck right below the camper. Watch it out so that the lights of the truck on the rear will not go touching the camper. Make sure the camper will stay clear of the wheel wells of the truck.
  • Do not complete the backing up until then that the wirings have been connected. Once when done, continue finishing backing it up. Lower the camper right through the bed. As per the rear end, it just as well be lowered including the front part.

When things have been done, the camper will now need to be secured to the truck. This will involve the use of truck camper tie downs. It is suggested to make use of a frame-mounted type of tie-down system. This is the strongest and most reliable option available. Once when installed properly, it could be trusted in locking down the camper in any of the driving conditions.

But just remember that not all of the vehicles come fully-equipped with the frame-mounted tie-downs. That is when you need to use tie downs to fit to the bed. As per the bed-mounted tie downs, they also are strong to secure your camper. However, since they are attached to the truck bed’s sheet metal, they can best provide a weaker base.

  • Truck camper tie downs do the job of anchoring points for the mounting of the camper. Install two of the tie downs right in front of the truck bed. Two more are also needed right at the back. Find the front tie-downs too you could install right through the wall and right through the front part of the bed of the truck. This will only prove as something stronger as compared to those that can be just attached to the bed railings.

Mount the truck camper tie downs to the rear part of the bumper of the truck. They also will work as a permanent point for the security of the rear end part of the camper. The rear tie- downs could as well be paired with the frame-mounted or bed-mounted kits.

Now, you have learned more about mounting the truck camper tie downs today!

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