Use The Pintle Hook Adapter For Hooking Up your Trailer With Ease

The pintle hook adapter is introduced as one of the premium quality tow hitches and couplings. This is usually required when you want to change the tow bar configuration. This is true when you want to tow a ring coupling trailer.

Towbar having 50mm tow ball hitch could be changed. That excludes the ring coupling. A pintle lock could also be used to mitigate insurance losses. This further reduces the opportunity for trailer theft.

Nevertheless, a 50m pintle hook adapter tends to rattle. That is why they need anti-rattle protection. And just as wear could occur in the hitch pin hole, a large hitch pin is required to best eliminate rattle.

One kind of pintle hook adapter having an inch-sized drop is also great to consider. This could be used in the rise and drop position. This could also be functional in securing the receiver hitch with hitch lock or hitch pin. With the multiple position mounting features, incremental height adjustments can as well be made.

Pintle Hook Adapter Features

pintle hook adapterThe pintle hook adapter is designed to best adapt receiver tubes to different height pintle hook applications. Other excellent features it can be known for include continuous welds, tubular shank, high and low positioning, welded support bracket, and coating finish. These add up to their best functions as an adapter. The adjustable assembly could also offer a perfect fit for vehicles using a pintle coupler or hook. Once you fit it to your vehicle, your tow hitch and sweeper could be connected.

Versatility Known

The pintle hook adapter is designed to best fit into fork receivers. This way, it can increase the versatility of your towing unit. Just install it right through the fork holders coming from above the wheel plate or even from the bottom. There is often a pintle hook included in it for maximum capacity when towing.

Different Types of Pintle Hook Adapter

The pintle hook adapter to find is always after providing mounting for both dual-purpose ball pintle hooks and rigid-type of pintle hooks. The capacity will depend much on the product as sometimes it can reach up to 25,000 lb. The vertical load is estimated for up to 4,000 lb. The number of the hole set can be up to 5.

The task can just be so easy attaching the pintle hook of the trailer with a pintle hook adapter. Expect nothing but maximum strength it can offer as it is made of heavy-duty steel material. At times, it features holes for the success bolting of it to a vehicle bumper.

That is why if you need a pintle hook adapter, think of the best choice possible. You could find from our site many choices that suit your needs. Adjust the height and estimate the load rating it has.

Feel free to browse through the selections of pintle hook adapter from the site. You will for sure find one that is intended to fulfill your requirements. Pursue online ordering and shipping from our site. And prepare for a budget that can go well with your order!

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