RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric

RV awning plays the same role for every awning available in the market. Maybe they are different from the designs and structure but the purpose it has for the people and the RV will always be the same in any way. RV patio awning replacement fabric is the best thing to do for the old and wrecked fabric in your awning. It might be kind of intimidating and do not know whether it is easy or not to replace the awning fabric. But with the help of somebody out there will lighten your uncertainties.

With the proper kind of awning to be replaced for your old fabric awning and complete tools and equipment, you can make it well-done. You might see that the edges of your awning as you are inspecting its damage, it went shredding its edge, the main patio awning becomes brutal because it was exposed to the sun all year, it also cracking and there are small holes on it. It indicates that the awning is weary and needs to be replaced. With its terrible look, you might feel hesitant about how challenging the changing process would be, but there are videos available on the internet that could help you with your hesitation.

RV Patio Awning

Here is the process that could help you change your awning fabric successfully. The first thing to do is to measure the awning for the fabric basis of measurement. When placing an order, few measurements are required, for all awning measure roll of the old awning where it was originally connected. On the slide top awning, also provide the slide top measurement.

RV Patio Awnings Parts
RV Patio Awnings Parts By RV Experts

When placing the RV patio awning replacement fabric, always specify the fabric color you desired, as RV is mostly white, it is better to not get far from the light color such as white. So, get the tools required in the RV patio awning replacement fabric and a ladder. So, before starting, you have to make sure that your awning spring is tight enough, and when you restart to retract your awning it will roll up easily so it means that the spring is tight enough, but if it is not you can add torsion to its spring.

Replacement Fabric

The next step is to retract the awning all the way into the RV. Then pin the awning slightly open so that the spring does not allow it to roll back up. Use the latch of the awning to lock and the other side what was done by pinning it. Once the awning is pinned open, we can now remove the bolt to each of the ends of the awning connected to the awning arm, then lift up to unlock those ends from the awning arm and slowly roll down the awning fabric.

With the awning tube hanging down, remove the spring torsion in the end and pull the entire spring assembly out of the awning tube. Without any hindrances, slide the old fabric from the tube on an open end of the awning tube, this can be made by two people. And then start to unlock the old fabric from the top side of the RV by sliding out the fabric out of the tract hand by hand slowly and with force.

And finally, you will be ready for the installation of the new RV. With the process of retracting your old RV, you will have to do the same process of retracting the new fabric back in. And there you go, enjoying your day with your new fabric awning under the sun or rain. For more details visit RV Parts Experts.

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