RV Winterizing Accessories Canada

Since the summer is finally ending, it may be about time for RVers to put their recreational vehicles in winter storage. The water system is the main system that needs to be winterized. This is also essential for storage during colder climates. This is because the freezing water can break the seals, burst the pipes, and end you up costing more to replace everything. Make it sure to consider the following supplies for storing recreational vehicles.

Below are the following suppliers to ever consider for rv winterizing accessories Canada.

RV By-Pass Kits

There are many reasons why you must drain an RV water heater. That is also when routine maintenance must be carried out more often. This is due to the reason that winterizing the RV should include troubleshooting and taking the RV out of the winterized state. It can be a simple task to carry out and won’t take too long. Empty the water heater to flush before refilling back. The RV antifreeze in the water system should flush out the tank considering refilling it.

The by-pass kits enable you to save antifreeze bypassing the water heater. That is also when it comes to winterizing on RV with ease and convenience. Be extra careful when the water is caught under pressure. Allow the water to stay cool to a safe temperature before finally draining the RV water heater. So far, there are many different types of by-pass kit that you could find like the crimp-resistant nylon reinforcing brass valves, and reinforced hose.

RV Diverter Valves

As an environmentally-conscious RV owner and a boondocker, it can be important for you to consider water conservation. This accessory is great because it redirects wasted cold water back into the fresh water tank. This is also while still waiting for the hot water to reach the showerhead. This device could also save water and keep the cold water from finally hitting your body as the mixer valve for the showerhead has been turned on.

RV Blow out Plugs

What good RV blow out plugs can do? They leave your hands free from opening the faucets and flushing out the water lines with no assistance. Just screw the plug right through the RV’s water inlet. Open the faucets and drains. And connect the air compressor quick using quick connects hose. It can help in the removal of the water from the water lines.

Such an easy and quick way of clearing out the water lines on the RV is made possible with RV blow-out plugs. They also can easily be connected to the water inlet, as mentioned. You would truly consider them a cost-effective and simple solution that could aid in winterization. The use of blow out plugs can eliminate excess water in the lines. You, therefore, prevent dilution and save money due to antifreeze. And thus, you protect your most valuable investment.


Get a compressor that is more than a tire pump. It will be a good idea to have a good-sized pancake compressor. Just allow the tank to recharge for several times to get the job done. When it comes to rv winterizing accessories Canada, all that is needed is an air volume. That is when an air compressor can provide supply of constant flow of air at a reasonable pressure for five minutes.

Air Filter

The interior of the air compressor isĀ  indeed a dirty place. If you will put the air into the water lines and let it sit over the winter, you won’t still like the idea of blowing rust, oil, and three-month-old condensate into the freshwater system. It is, therefore, essential to use an air filter when you go blow out the RV’s water lines. This is not as expensive as you think it could be.

Pressure Regulator

Your compressor should be fully equipped with the pressure regulator. This will be a tool to manage the air at such a safe pressure. The plumbing system of the RV is not designed for 90 psi. They are just designed for half of that. That is why it is essential to check the manual of the owner for the maximum pressure suggested by the RV’s manufacturer. Get a regulator that will best match the pressure from the compressor to the pressure needed by the RV.

Now, you have learned all the needed RV winterizing accessories Canada that can be found as well on our site!

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