The Use of Hard Spare Tire Cover for RV

Spare tires for an RV can be useful. They could as well be a good aesthetic. If you would want to add some more sleekness of the vehicle, consider having a spare tire cover for RV’s mounted spare. The cover will protect your spare from all the harmful effects of the weather and the sun. Read on more to know about the best spare tire covers for RV.

Why Buy Hard Spare Tire Cover for RV?

There are so many reasons as to why you need to buy hard spare tire cover for RV. And they are as follow:

  1. Protection from the Elements

The frequent exposure to wind, rain, dirt, heat, and cold can prove to be detrimental to the tire. This may bring about the weakening of the rubber and also cracks in the sidewall. This makes it just less structurally sound. That is also when a spare hard spare tire cover for RV can help minimize the damage.

  1. Protection from the Damage of the Sun

With a spare tire that is mounted to the vehicle, it can block the ultraviolet rays that enable the tire to remain protected.

  1. Customization

Spare tires would often come in different sizes. It is essential to choose the right one to keep the elements out and keep the tire protected. Customize the materials of the cover from the glossy and hard shell to the shiny vinyl. Get the exact fit to keep the tire protected and keep the elements out.

  1. Anti-theft

When the spare tire is covered, there will be an extra deterrent to the thieves around. The hard spare tire covers for RV will add more protection as they feature hatches that can be so difficult to open.

What’s Good About the Hard Covers?

The hard spare tire cover for RV is made of a rigid material such as the molded plastic or stainless steel. The cover can come in two different parts of a ring wrapping around the spare and a faceplate covering the front part of the tire. As for the protection, hard covers can provide the right amount of security. The hardcovers will also have an additional perk of looking so very sleek.

What Are The Key Features?

A spare tire will need to consider some of the key features that include the following:


The spare tire covers come in different and durable materials. Most of them are ultraviolet-safe and weatherproof. The hardcovers may vary in the material they use.

Tire Size

Size matters. Hard shell tire covers must fit properly onto the spare tire. Make it sure that you get the right size for the tire. Check the wall of the tire that will tell its exact size.

Closing Mechanism

The closing mechanism will be in a simple form of elastic band sewn into a more secure metal latch or hem. The former will become more common on the soft covers. They may as well have strings that require to be tightened to fit around the space. The hardcovers tend to have latches or clasps.

What Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Below are some of the other considerations for you to keep in mind.


It will be a good idea to choose a hard spare tire cover for RV having a stellar warranty. That way, you will get a repair or replacement if ever something has gone wrong with the cover. The usual warranties run about a year but will last for 2 or more. It will as well depend on the manufacturer.

Inside Layer

The wheel tire covers would often have an inner lining. For high-quality options, they have a lining that is made of fleece protecting the tire from the cold and damage. The lining will be perfectly fitted for the wheel. That way, it won’t get loose.

Now, you have learned more about the use of hard spare tire cover for RV!

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